Competitions & Dates

Sadly we have to cancel our shows scheduled for the period of Thursday 5th November to Wednesday 2nd December in accordance with the Covid 19 Lockdown rules. Hopefully we can resume in December and will welcome our competitors back as soon as we can.


IMG_0063 Please take a look at our facilities page for details of our arenas.

Affiliated Dressage runs once a month using long arena tests from Prelim to Medium and on occasions to Advanced Medium

BD Quest is new in 2020 for us. For teams and individuals from Intro to Novice

Unaffiliated Dressage runs once a month from Autumn through to Spring.  The schedule, hopefully, caters for everyone with short arena tests at Intro and Prelim and long arena tests from Prelim to PSG.  A specific test not in the schedule may be ridden by arrangement on an HC basis.

The above shows are organised and run by Half Moon Stud and can be entered online via

There are many other events that take place but are advertised by the organisers.  We endeavour to put as many bookings as we can on our Diary Dates link so please take a look there.